Calçots season begins

Calçots menus in Barcelona
Who doesn't like calçots? It is one of the delicacies of Catalonia and although there is nothing like going to a barbecue and grilling them, we are always left wanting more. But did you know that you can also eat calçots in the city?

carmen restaurant
One of the most recommended is the Carmen restaurant. It is in Sants and offers us a very complete menu for 30.90 euros. The calçotada menu includes: calçots tile, grilled meat accompanied with potatoes, homemade dessert, wine and coffee!

Garden of LApat
Another good calçot restaurant, located near Park Güell, is Jardí de L'Apat. Their cooks are also considered experts in Catalan cuisine and therefore their calçots are scary. Its menu is actually quite similar to the previous one, including its price of 32.00 euros. Thus, they will offer us a tile of calçot with romesco and a grilled meat with sausage and lamb, white beans, artichokes, potatoes with caliu, roasted potatoes accompanied by farmhouse bread with garlic and grilled tomato.

Can Travi Nou
However, if what you really want is to try an authentic calçotada, you will have to go to the Can Travi Nou restaurant. Its menu includes mini xató de ventresca with tuna and calçots with grilled meat, coca del Maresme, tomato, wine and desserts. Their menu goes up to 40.85 euros but it is very tasty!

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