Easter in Barcelona

Many shops will keep their doors closed on holidays but there are many leisure and cultural proposals that you cannot miss and enjoy the city during the Easter holidays!

Special Lighting of the Sagrada Família
On the occasion of Holy Week, on April 10, 11 and 12 between 8 and 10 p.m., the Sagrada Familia will exhibit special lighting on the Passion façade. The show is free and open to all. The best place to follow it is from Calle Sardenya. There will be three performances each day lasting between 10 and 15 minutes. 
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Holy Friday
In the Cathedral of Barcelona on Friday the Sermon of the Seven Words is held, just in front of the temple. Next, the liturgical action of the passion and death of the Lord is carried out, and at half past six in the afternoon the Way of the Cross is celebrated, which consists of going through twelve stations that commemorate the steps that Jesus followed until his death. Different parishes in Barcelona make their own Stations of the Cross, apart from that of the Cathedral.
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The aromas of the 1700
Children (and adults) like to pull the chocolate monkey, but few know where this tradition so deeply rooted in Catalonia comes from. This workshop invites the little ones to travel to the Barcelona of 1707, where the Archduke Carlos III has prepared a game to celebrate Easter with the children of the old city of El Born. With a game of clues you will discover the meaning and origin of the mona, linked to European tradition, and you will also approach the world of chocolate in the 18th century, enjoying the aromas of vanilla, pepper, ginger... Finally, each boy and girl will knead a monkey and make a chocolate egg to decorate it, in a workshop that will make you suck your fingers!
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