La Mercè, history of the patron saint of Barcelona

In the 17th century, Barcelona suffered a plague of locusts and was placed in the hands of the Virgen de la Mercè. After the plague ended, the City Council named her patron saint of Barcelona.
After having declared the Virgen de la Mercè patron saint of the city, its festivities began in September. The year 1092 was when the Fiesta Mayor de La Mercé became the model for those still celebrated throughout Catalonia.

The party today
After the arrival of democracy, La Mercé acquired the character of a genuinely popular festival thanks to the collaboration between entities in the city. Today, the celebration of La Mercé involves a large number of public spaces and its programming focuses on Mediterranean culture. In less than a week, Barcelona offers a wide range of activities that vary from street arts to parades, from concerts to traditional dances...

Barcelona and La Merce
The activities of La Mercé represent, among other things, a set of all the popular culture of Catalonia. Among them, the Girona sardana and the castells, the devils of the Camp de Tarragona and the popular dances still alive throughout Catalonia.
The typical celebratory event of La Mercé is the parades, related to the religious processions that took place centuries ago. These represent the oldest street shows still going on. Today as before, the parades work with street artists to organize this event. Their joint work serves to maintain the festive and theatrical vocation with which these shows were born.

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