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Air of Barcelona Banys Àrabs
It seems incredible that, among all the commotion of the Paseo de la Barceloneta of cars, visitors and urban buses, we find a place as calm as the Arab Air Baths in Barcelona.

The reconquest of the public bathroom. The center recovers, in a cool key, the tradition of the Arab public bath, heir to the Roman baths. Located in El Born, a meeting point for the remains of old Barcelona, Aire reliably restores old baths and allows you to immerse yourself in warm, hot and cold waters in the subsoil of the city. The basic package also includes use of the hamman steam bath (the classic Turkish bath), but the experience can be completed with massages and scrubs on hot marble. The capacity is limited to 40 people at a time and access is strictly regulated by shifts.

Of many SPA centers in Barcelona, we recommend this one because it is the most beautiful, in addition to our apartments No 15-The Streets Apartments located in Carrer Rec Comtal are only 6 minutes away on foot!