The best souvenirs of Barcelona

Forget the miniature “made in China” figurine of the Sagrada Familia, the mug with an illustration of La Pedrera, the hat or the shirt with the typical and topical I ♥ BCN.
When you visit or live for a time in a place that is not your home, you tend to be fascinated or find everything around you exotic, you are more perceptive to any stimulus you may receive. That is why we look at objects or the gastronomy of the place that we can take back as a souvenir or as a gift for our loved ones. In this way we intend to bring one of the parts that has most caught our attention to our place of origin and show that during our stay we have remembered our friends and family. At The Streets Apartments, we give you some ideas so that what you take with you from Barcelona is something representative!!

A Barca shirt: You can buy an original shirt in the Barça stores in Plaza Cataluña or in the stadium of this famous and renowned football team, but perhaps its price above 60 euros scares you a bit. You can also opt for the imitations of the shops on the Ramblas.

Ham: Depending on where you are going to travel with this gastronomic souvenir and the restrictions of the destination airport, you can buy the ham in a street establishment, vacuum packed and put it in your suitcase before checking it in. You will find the best hams in the “cansaladeria” stores or in the municipal markets such as “La Boquería”. You can also buy this delicious product at the "duty free" at the airport, making sure that it has the European health labels so that if they check your carry-on bag you won't have any problems.

A porron: This container is very traditional and is used to drink wine by holding it at a certain distance from the mouth and letting the stream point in the correct way. The technique is a bit difficult for beginners but with practice you will surely get it right. There are porrones of different sizes and of different materials and designs, the typical one is made of glass and is quite fragile, so be careful if you carry it in your suitcase.

A bottle of wine or cava: In Catalonia, as in the rest of Spain, there are exquisite wines from the best vineyards in the country, such as the wines from the Penedès area. A typical wine will always be a good gift for those who know how to appreciate it. You can also choose to buy a bottle of cava, a drink similar to champagne, which is also drunk at celebrations, but which can also be enjoyed while you taste the food.

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