The Gothic Quarter

Get to know the secrets of the neighborhood with the most historical value!
It is a good starting point to get to know Barcelona. Start down La Rambla, beautiful and bustling, and lose yourself in the medieval alleys and squares of the old town. To admire the architecture of the city, go to Plaça de Sant Jaume and visit the two government buildings, the Renaissance palace of the Generalitat and the neoclassical façade of the Town Hall.

Restaurants in “el Gòtic” recommended by The Streets Apartments:

The 4 Cats
This mythical venue was born as an impossible dream: to welcome artists who, by definition, did not have a penny. Some of the most important figures of the late 19th century have passed through here: Picasso, Ramon Casas, Santiago Rusiñol... In the 1970s it opened as a traditional cuisine restaurant.

Can Culleretes
The oldest restaurant in Barcelona, and one of the oldest in Spain, is still at the foot of the canyon. The Agut-Manubens family, mother and daughter at the helm, offer a menu of Catalan cuisine at reasonable prices, in which cod brandade cannelloni, baked gilthead bream and escudella and carn d'olla stand out. We guarantee it, you will never leave hungry. An ideal place to eat on a Sunday, with little ceremony and lots of entertainment.

Our Apartments No24 and No18 are ideal for enjoying a gastronomic getaway and are located in Barri Gótic itself.

Bars in “el Gòtic” recommended by The Streets Apartments:

mingus bar
The Mingus is a rarity among the tourist bars of the Gòtic, just as Charles Mingus was also the black jazz musician who, at that time, dared to play a white instrument. Among so many out of tune melodies of plastic skewers, the Mingus sings with some tasty meatballs and a Russian salad of contest. They throw the cane as God commands.

Get on the Delorean and relive the best years of your life! The House of the 80's and 90's.
The best of music, movies, video games and culture from the 80s and 90s in a pop corner that has become a classic gothic bar. Special cocktails, a wide variety of beers, promotions and themed events every week… and a great atmosphere!